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  • Kuga

    Test Drive Events!

    By on 8 February 2017

    The New Ford Kuga offers striking, ulta-contemporary design and styling. Uncompromising performance and unrelenting efficiency. An impressive list of…

  • 2016 New Ford Kuga

    New Ford Kuga – designed to inspire

    By on 11 November 2016

    The new Ford Kuga is designed to inspire and features the latest driving technology and a bolder, stronger presence.

  • SYNC 3 – Make the most out of your day.

    By on 19 October 2016

    You may have already heard of Ford SYNC Technology. In 2007 Ford introduced a software to help drivers safely…

  • Motability Open Days 2016

    Ford Mobility Open Days

    By on 11 October 2016

    Ford Mobility’s Open Day is coming to Busseys soon. It’s a great chance to discuss your individual needs with…

  • ST-Line Test Days

    ST-Line Test Days

    By on 11 October 2016

    Get ready to dial up the energy and excitement with ST-Line: the ultimate expression of sports inspired design in…

  • The One and Only Transit Event

    The One and Only Transit Event

    By on 4 October 2016

    Come down to Busseys, and check out the range of the one and only Ford Transits, better still, put…

  • Key

    The key to keeping Ford Transit drivers happy?

    By on 16 September 2016

    The key? Well, to give them a dust proof, waterproof and fall proof ignition key!

    Ford have designed an item…

  • Unlearn Test Drives

    Unlearn Test Drives at Busseys

    By on 20 July 2016

    It’s always good to try before you buy, even better if you get an extra £500 off for doing…

  • SUV Weekender


    By on 12 July 2016

    Prepare to let go of what you know about SUVs at the Unlearn SUV Weekender at Busseys. Not only…

  • KA Plus

    Want to know more about the KA+?

    By on 8 July 2016

    Early last month Ford introduced the Ford KA+!

    But how much do you really know about this car? The new…