A First Look at the New All-Electric Explorer: Everything We Know So Far

A First Look at the New All-Electric Explorer

As the progressive world of electric vehicles stands in the limelight, the new All-Electric Ford Explorer is set to debut in the summer in 2024.

Bold, confident, and iconically Ford, the All-Electric explorer promises exciting design elements and innovative technological features.

In this article, we dive into everything you need to know about the promising Ford Explorer, answering the most frequently asked questions, and providing you with a complete first look.


Ford Explorer Front viewAs the All-Electric Ford Explorer gears up for its debut in Spring 2024, it symbolises not just a shift in automotive technology but a harmonious fusion of American thrill, European sustainability, and a commitment to a more thrilling, electric future.

The design of the All-Electric Explorer is a testament to Ford’s commitment to creating a vehicle that exudes assertiveness, boldness, and confidence.

What Is the Design of the Explorer?

This 5-door, all-electric medium SUV boasts a distinctive look that sets it apart from its predecessors and competitors, capturing attention effortlessly.

At the front, the Ford ‘Shield’ establishes an assertive and futuristic aesthetic, featuring a name-badge strip running across the vehicle. The Shield proudly displays the Ford Oval, providing width and structure to the front end with interlocking lamps on either side, creating a striking and memorable impression.

The exterior styling is aerodynamically driven, featuring a cabin with a visor-like impression, creating a floating roof aesthetic. With a strong nod to the iconic American SUV stance, the Explorer design also emphasises pragmatic efficiency, with minimal offsets.

The rear of the Explorer is characterised by slim lights that further emphasise the vehicle’s assertive nature. The practicality of the design is evident in the hands-free trunk opening, a standard feature on Premium and available with the Driver Assistance Pack on the Select model option. This design provides access to up to 450 litres of luggage volume, with an adjustable floor and storage underneath for a charging cable – it’s safe to say the explore boasts a huge amount of storage space for all the essentials.

How Many Versions of the Explorer Are Available?

There are only two series/models of the Explorer available. Following the success of the Mustang Mach-E, Ford has continued their series approach, offering only two options when it comes to models; the Select option and the Premium option. Championing “All You Need and More”, the two series variations split accordingly with the phrase.

The Select model includes “all you need” and really sets the high-quality standard that the Explore delivers, introducing a host of premium features. These include Partial Sensico Trim, 19-inch Alloy Wheels, a 14.6-inch Sync Move touchscreen with My Private Locker, a 7-speaker sound system (including a soundbar), Premium Floor Mats, Intelligent Adaptive Cruise Control, Full LED Headlamps with Automatic High/Low-Beam, an Inductive Wireless Charging Pad, Onboard Pre-Conditioning, and finally a powered driver seat that comes with Massage & Memory functionality.

Optional features are also available and introduce energy-efficient heating with the Heat Pump, a retractable Towbar that hides behind the rear bumper when not in use, and the comprehensive Driver Assistance Pack.

Building on this host of features, the Premium option – “and More” – offers that little bit extra, with Full Sensico Trim, 20-inch alloys, Panoramic roof, Hands-Free Powered Liftgate, Matrix LED headlamps, and Ambient Lighting extras.

If you’re looking to discuss the difference behind the Select and Premium series in more detail, contact our specialists today!


Ford Explorer Movable TouchscreenFord’s built-in DNA of technology and innovation takes centre stage in the All-Electric Explorer, showcasing advanced technology that defines the brand.

Utilising a unique combination of spirited driving dynamics with a comprehensive range of innovative Driver Assistance technology, Ford have championed the Explorer to be one of the safest Electric Vehicles (EVs) to date.

What are the main features of technology in the Explorer?

The All-Electric Explorer has a myriad of technological perks and quirks, with the interior design showing off some of the latest innovations in the market today.

At the heart of the Explorer stands the SYNC Move touchscreen. At an impressive 14.6 inches, the SYNC Move touchscreen not only provides flexibility in positioning but also hosts a suite of features, including wireless phone mirroring and an in-vehicle EV trip planner – providing the ultimate convenience and aid in planning the perfect drive.

Adding to the list of convenience, the Explorer features a Mega Console that introduces 17L of spacious storage and the ‘My Private Locker’ – found beneath the SYNC Move touchscreen – that provides a unique and secure storage space for any personal belongings. With the locker being accessed via an electronic switch, this storage space is securely locked whenever the power is off.

Staying true to Ford’s ergonomically considered designs, the Explorer uses a ‘squircle’ steering wheel, tailored for comfort, creating additional knee room and space to relax for those long drives.

What is the Driver Assistance Pack?

While the standard series of the All-Electric Explorer already boasts an impressive array of features, the optional Driver Assistance Pack takes safety and convenience to a whole new level.

Standard perks include the following assistance: Connected Navigation, Front & Rear Park Aid, Traffic Sign Recognition, Intelligent Adaptive Cruise Control, and Pre-Collision Assist (AEB), all of which will ensure a secure and pleasant journey.

However, for those seeking a slightly elevated and easier driving experience, the Driver Assistance Pack introduces a few unique quality-of-life technologies. These include Lane Centering Assistance, Lane Change Assist, 360° View Camera, Hands-Free Power Liftgate (on the Select series only), Heads-Up Display, and Active Park Assist.

To get a complete run down of all the added features and to dive into the specifics of the technology in the new All-Electric Explorer, contact our expert team today.


Charging the Ford ExplorerExplorer by name, adventurous by nature. The all-electric Explorer has been designed to travel the world with ease and in comfort.

Ford are demonstrating their belief for the need for a coherent change in mentality regarding the convenience and cost-effectiveness of charging an all-electric vehicle. Now, charging your car at home or on the move is easier and more affordable than many may think, and Ford is at the forefront of facilitating this transition with the Explorer. As such, the Explorer comes equipped with variety of charging solutions to help you, no matter your journey.

What home charging solutions are available for the All-Electric Ford Explorer?

Explorer customers will enjoy the convenience of Ford’s partnership with Octopus Energy, with the option of a new, connected AC Wallbox.

Octopus Energy, the UK’s most awarded energy supplier, manages Ford’s EV Home Charging Services. Customers can choose from market-leading EV Home Chargers that suit different budgets and needs, with a dedicated webpage for easy quoting and installation scheduling.

How does the Ford BlueOval Charging Network Work?

The Ford BlueOval Charging Network boasts over 31,000 charging points in the UK and over 500,000 across Europe. Utilising the FordPass App, Explorer customers gain access to major fast-charging operators like BP Pulse and IONITY, ensuring a seamless and widespread charging experience.

How Do You Lock/Unlock the Explorer’s Charging Cable?

The absence of a physical button to unlock the charging cable in the port ensures a hassle-free experience. Simply unlock the vehicle while the charging cable is connected to release the cable from the Explorer’s charge port.

There is also an additional option that can be configured in the SYNC Move System: Auto Release AC Cable. This can be activated for a saved charge location at home I.e. home charger.

For more information about charging your EV, view Ford’s Charging Electric Vehicles at Home guide and discover the answers to the most frequently asked questions.

When Can I Buy a Ford Explorer?

As the new all-electric Ford Explorer is in preproduction, some of the most burning questions – predominantly those questions surrounding the price range – unfortunately cannot be answered and an exact price has not been announced just yet.

Ordering will be available in the spring of 2024. At this time, all the pricing information, battery specifications, and driving ranges are expected to be confirmed and released at the same date.

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