History of Ford Mustang

History of Ford Mustang

A history of the iconic Ford Mustang!

It’s a car that’s amassed a cult following, was featured in the best cinema car chase of all time and is often seen as the epitome of cool. Yes, that’s right, it can only be the one and only Ford Mustang. But where did its journey start and why did it take so long to be introduced in the UK as a right-hand drive? Let’s dive in!

1962 Concept Car

In 1962 the Mustang 1 concept car was introduced with a mid-engine layout and still maintained the classic ‘ponycar’ proportions with a long bonnet, short-rear deck, and sharply sculpted flanks. However, this concept car would have a few modifications before it rolled off the production line 2 years later.

1964-1974: First Generation

The Ford Mustang began its production five months before the normal start of the 1965 production year. The introduction of the Mustang created a whole new class of automobiles known as pony cars. Based on the second generation of the Ford Falcon, this style of vehicle was known for its long hood and short deck. The body styles available included a two-door hardtop and convertible, with a “2+2” fastback added in September 1964.

1974-1978: Second Generation

Following the huge success of its predecessor, the second-generation Mustang really needed to pack a punch! Although the overall design of this generation hadn’t changed too much, Ford still managed to sell over 350,000 of them within the first year.

It still kept many of the traditional Mustang styling cues such as the scalloped sides and three-piece taillights. This generation was available as a two or three-door, four-passenger, front-engine/rear-drive vehicle. In 1976 the Cobra II appearance package was introduced which combined a black grille, simulated hood scoop, front and rear spoilers, quarter window louvers, and cobra emblems to create a very popular car with the public.

1979-1993: Third Generation

A sleek and redesigned Mustang was introduced to the public in 1979. This Mustang would be built on the new Fox platform and is commonly referred to as the Fox body Mustang. Many of the traditional Mustang styling cues were missing throughout this generation such as; the signature side scallops and three segment taillights.

In 1981 a 5-speed manual transmission was added as an option and a new grille came in 1983 which featured Ford’s blue oval logo at the centre.

1994-2004: Fourth Generation

In 1994, Ford introduced a very different-looking fourth-generation Mustang. A bold decision considering the iconic shape that the public had fallen in love with in previous generations. The flat-looking nose and blunt lines were gone and, instead, replaced with a smoother-looking vehicle that brought the Mustang into the millennium.

2004-2015: Fifth Generation

The fifth-generation Mustang took on a more retro style, a nod to the earlier models. It had a muscular look and a front grille and headlight placement that resembled the earliest Mustang models. The first half of this generation had a V6, V8, or a supercharged V8. In the second half of its production, a 5.8 litre V8 became the biggest engine offered which was a popular choice among many Mustang fans.

2015-2023: Sixth Generation

The first Mustang to be sold globally! With a fully independent rear suspension and a futuristic design, the sixth generation Ford Mustang departed from the previous two generations. The design pays homage to a classic style with the canted nose, big grille, and round headlights. In 2021 the reintroduction of the famous Mach-1 model was released with a limited number produced by Ford.

2021 - Present - Mustang Mach-E

In 2021 Ford released the All-Electric Ford Mustang Mach-E. The first ever fully electric vehicle released by Ford Motor Company. The Mach-E takes design cues from the traditional Mustang, however, SUV proportions bring you enhanced practicality and a more streamlined design to increase efficiency. With a maximum electric driving range of up to 293-375 miles (WLTP test results), the Mach-E was certainly a welcome change of direction.

Later on, Ford would release the Mustang Mach-E GT which delivers instant acceleration with  0-62mph in just 3.7 seconds!

2023: Seventh Generation

In 2022, Ford announced that they would be releasing the All-New Ford Mustang and it would be arriving in Europe late 2023. The vehicle will offer a revitalised interior, muscular V8 engine, and a host of next-generation technology.