WLTP combined


Energy consumption (WLTP combined)

People driving the BYD ATTO3The BYD ATTO3 captures attention with its sleek and aerodynamic design. The panoramic sunroof adds to the car’s aesthetics and creates a sense of openness for passengers. The spacious interior provides ample legroom and headroom for a comfortable driving experience for everyone on board.

Safety is prioritised in all BYD vehicles, and the ATTO3 is no exception. The car comes equipped with a comprehensive suite of driver-assistance features, including Lane Keep Assist and Blind Spot Detection. These features provide valuable assistance on the road, promoting a safer driving experience.

Packed with cutting-edge technology to enhance your driving experience. The car features a user-friendly infotainment system that keeps you connected and entertained on the go. Additionally, the BYD Atto3 offers a variety of advanced features designed to make your drive more comfortable and convenient.

The BYD Atto3 is a compelling choice for those seeking a stylish, powerful, and safe electric SUV. With its impressive range, advanced technology, and focus on safety, the BYD ATTO3 is poised to redefine the electric vehicle landscape.

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ATTO3 Interior

The User-friendly functions and a playful interior, gives a unique and distinctive style. Agile and fun, the BYD ATTO 3 provides an engaging driving experience.

The vibrant, streamlined central console reflects a positive and energetic attitude towards life.

The ergonomically integrated sports seats are made from sustainable vegan leather. The heated front seats are electrically adjustable, creating a more comfortable driving experience.


Panoramic sunroof

Panoramic sunroof

From sunshine to the stars, the panoramic sliding glass roof with adjustable sunshade allows you to embrace the beauty of the sky

Spacious trunk

Spacious trunk

Fill your life to the brim with the large storage compartment featuring an extra hidden trunk space. By placing your possessions in different layers, you can make the most of the space.
With a simple click, the tailgate automatically opens. The anti-pinch design ensures your safety when you are closing the tailgate.

multi-coloured ambient lighting

Light up your feelings

The multi-coloured ambient lighting listens to your moods and responds automatically to different rhythms of music with flowing illumination.

Treadmill style central armrest

Treadmill style central armrest

The central armrest is inspired by the treadmill. And you could place your phone on the wireless charging pad, so you are always connected.

*Note: CO2 emissions combined: 0g/mi.
The actual energy consumption in real conditions varies depending on the driving style, the nature of the route, the outside temperature, the use of heating and air conditioning and any additional weight. The energy consumption was determined on the basis of EU 2017/1151 and (EU) 2018/858.