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    Brake Fluid Change

    A brake fluid change helps maintain the maximum stopping power and retain optimum braking efficiency. Brake fluid absorbs moisture from the air that reduces it's efficiency. The boiling point of brake fluid drops every year, after 3 years it is potentially at a dangerous level.

    Air Conditioning Service

    Air conditioning is not just a luxury to have when it's hot in the summer. Your air conditioning system plays a vital part in keeping your windows and windscreen from fogging up and helps regulate the temperature inside the car so should be used all year round.

    Having a full air conditioning service means your heating and air conditioning system will work efficiently and be clean too as the antibacterial treatment we add removes harmful bacteria which naturally build up in the system components.


    Duxback is a revolutionary glass treatment that keeps glass as it should be - see through. Rain sleet and snow simply beads, sheds and rolls off, ice does not stick. Duxback even repels dirt, making your windscreen, side glass or rear glass cleaner and clearer for far longer and if it does need cleaning a whole lot easier to clean. Only £32.95

    Parking Sensors

    Parking sensors can be fitted to the rear, or front and rear of your vehicle, offering you total parking control. They detect solid or non-solid objects, such as bushes. They also detect children, animals and low objects, giving you peace of mind when manoeuvring in populated places. From £269.99.

    Busseys Winter Check

    The Busseys Winter Check includes: Key fluids top up and Video health check. All for £44.99

    Busseys Winter Check + Duxback

    The Busseys Winter Check + Duxback includes: Key fluids top up, Video health check and Duxback for £69.94

    Tyre Safety Check

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