We Don’t Buy Any Old Car

We Don’t Buy Any Old Car

At Busseys we don’t buy any old car

At Busseys, we have a discerning eye for quality, and we are not just looking for any old car – we are always on the lookout for high-quality, well-maintained, used vehicles.

If you are considering selling your car and would like a no-obligation valuation, look no further. Whether it is your small car run around or the trusted family SUV, we understand the unique value your car holds, and we are here to make sure you get the true value for your prized possession.

Find out how much your car is worth and complete a valuation request today.

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    Why sell to Busseys

    Why Sell to Busseys?

    Take the stress out of evaluating and selling your car.
    With Busseys, we will take you through each process quickly and easily to make sure you get a fair price for your car.

    Comprehensive Service

    Comprehensive Service

    Our commitment to excellence extends beyond new vehicles to encompass every car that comes through our doors. Whether it is a trade-in or a fresh addition to our inventory, every vehicle receives the same expert attention

    The Busseys Family

    The Busseys Family

    If you purchased your car from us, we have a unique advantage – we know its service history inside out. This means we can provide you with a swift and precise valuation, using our unique knowledge of your vehicle’s maintenance and care.

    Unmatched Precision

    Unmatched Precision

    Our hands-on approach taken during physical visits guarantees the most precise valuation possible, leaving no room for oversights, ensuring you get the valuation your car is worth.

    We Don’t Sell Any Old Car Either…

    When you choose a used car from Busseys, you are not just getting any vehicle – you’re investing in quality, reliability, and peace of mind.

    We are committed to delivering you a dream car for a dream drive. That is why all our used cars undergo a rigorous 115-point health check before they enter our showroom floor.

    Every used car we sell comes with a minimum of one-year free Busseys backed warranty*, ensuring you drive away with confidence. Plus, many of our vehicles still boast the remainder of the manufacturer’s warranty.

    Whether you are in the market for a city car, estate, SUV, family car, or something sporty, Busseys has a vehicle to meet your every need. And for those considering the switch to hybrid and used electric vehicles, we also offer a diverse selection to suit your requirements.

    When you choose Busseys, you are not just buying a car – you are investing in quality, reliability, and experts who care. Discover the perfect used car for you today.

    *A minimum of 12 months free warranty on all cars except Value Zone