Quick car checks before a long journey

Quick car checks before a long journey


With more and more of us hitting the roads, choosing our own vehicles over public transport for commuting and travelling, road safety is even more important than it ever has been. So, we’ve put together a short checklist to maintain your vehicles safety and help prevent a breakdown, whether it’s a long journey or a short one!

It’s important to state, before reading this checklist that you should always stick to your manufacturer’s advice on servicing.

1.Tyres – Be sure to check the tread of your vehicles tyres, the minimum legal tread depth is 1.6mm across the central 3/4 of the tyre. Any less than this could earn you a fine and 3 point on your license. In addition to this, it’s important that your tyre pressures are correct. Ideally tyre pressures should be checked every two weeks. Last but not least, double check your tyres for any wear and tear (Including your spare)

2.Engine Oil – Use your dipstick to check your oil levels and top up when needed. If you’re topping up more than usual take it to your local garage.

3.Coolant -When your engine is cold check your coolant level is between the MIN and MAX marks


4. Windscreen – The British Weather never disappoints which means at some point during your journey, there’s going to be rain. Make sure your wipers are working and aren’t smearing

5. Screenwash – Whatever the season, it’s inevitable that dirt is going to end up on your windscreen, be sure to top up your screenwash regularly. For long journeys make sure it is filled up to the top.

6.Lights – Before setting off check all your lights, this includes indicators, reverse, brake and fog lights. Get a friend to look out for any faulty lights or failing this, park near a white wall or a shop window at night.


7. Toolkit – A handy item to have even if you don’t have a spare wheel. If anything, it will give you peace of mind whilst on the road. You never know when you might need one

8.Map – This might be an obvious one for many but having a clear idea of where your going is important whilst driving, you don’t want to be distracted. Carry a Satnav with you and make sure you have a postcode or a street name to enter before you start your journey. Additionally, for back up make sure you have an up-to-date paper map in your vehicle so you can pull over to look at that if your Satnav stops working. You never know when you might get lost.

Stay safe this season and book your vehicle in for a winter check