A history of the Ford Fiesta

A history of the Ford Fiesta

A history of the Ford Fiesta!

It’s been one of Britain’s most popular cars since it first rolled off the production line, so let’s celebrate all things Ford Fiesta with a look at the changes it’s gone through over the years. Let’s go back to the year it all started; 1976!

Ford Fiesta Mk1

The Fiesta’s story started in the ’70s when Ford launched Project Bobcat, aiming to build a car to compete in a market where the demand for modest and economical vehicles was rising. After several years of planning and prototyping, Ford unveiled the Fiesta Mk 1 and in 1976 it went on sale. The new Fiesta was just what the public wanted, it was cheap to buy and cheap to run.

Ford Fiesta Mk2

In 1983 Ford launched the Fiesta Mark 2. It was given a rounder front, spruced-up interior, a new dashboard and an option for a 1.6 litre diesel engine. A five-speed manual gearbox, high-security Chubb locks and an option for an automatic gearbox were also added to the mix.

The Mk2 seemed to benefit from the minor changes as it held its ground against new competitors such as the Vauxhall Nova and Corsa. It even managed to outsell the VW Polo and remained the top-selling car until the end of that decade!

Fiesta Mk3

The Fiesta Mk3 brought around a lot of change for the compact car, it was the first-ever small vehicle to be fitted with ABS and it also came with 1.0 litre and 1.1 litre engines which kept running costs low. However, where the Mk3 differed from its previous generations was with its longer and wider body shape and an increased wheelbase. A five-door model was introduced as there was a demand for a bigger Fiesta.

Fiesta Mk4

The Mk4 represented Fords step into the future and can still be seen driven on our roads 26 years later. An aerodynamic body, packed electric door mirrors, and windows along with an iconic oval grille at the front were sure to get heads turning. The Fiesta continued to succeed with the Mk4 by being Britain’s bestselling car from 1996 – 1998!

It came with a range of new Zetec-SE engines – 1.2 litre & 1.4 litre, however with those who valued low running costs Ford didn’t change the lower-spec models and kept them available. Those who wanted an Mk3 Fiesta could still purchase one as, once the Mk4 was launched, Ford continued to sell the Mk3 for a couple more years. It was marketed as the ‘Fiesta Classic’ and stayed in production until 1997.

Fiesta Mk5

An update to the model was long overdue when Ford introduced the fifth generation Fiesta at the IAA Frankfurt Motor Show. Launching as a five-door version with a new line-up of engines including a 1.3 litre and a 1.6 litre Duratec petrol engines, the Mk5 was sure to be a success. Later on, Ford introduced a three-door version, answering the demand of the growing small-car market.

The launch of the Mk5 cemented the Fiestas position as a reliable, small economical car becoming a favourite among young adults and students looking for a cheaper car. The Mk5 also led to the first Fiesta ST, which was the most powerful Fiesta at the time.

Fiesta Mk6

The Mk6 went into production in several countries, including China, Germany, Spain and in 2010 was on sale in Europe, Asia and North America. To keep in line with the demand for eco-friendly cars, Ford introduced the Fiesta ECOnetic which was to become the most fuel-efficient five-seater family car in the UK at the time. The Mk6 is Fiesta’s bestselling generation to date.

Fiesta Mk7

The Fiesta Mk7 introduced keyless entry and keyless start, ambient lighting, electric power-assisted steering, and parking sensors! Brand new safety features were added such as its MyKey technology. In 2014 the Fiesta ST-Line was unveiled looking to meet the demand for high-performance small cars. The ST-Line featured new EcoBoost engines!

2014 only got better as far as the Fiesta was concerned as it became the bestselling vehicle ever in the UK, surpassing the 4.1 million registrations achieved by the Ford Escort.

Fiesta Mk8

In 2017, the UK’s best-selling car had a complete makeover. Pack with clever technology, beautiful design, and advanced safety features the Mk8 certainly packs a punch. Ford expanded the Fiesta range with the additions of a crossover-styled variant called the Fiesta Active, the luxury Fiesta Vignale and the efficient Fiesta Mild Hybrid.

2023 End Of Production

On October 25th 2022 Ford announced that it will be ending the production of the Ford Fiesta in 2023. As one era has ended, another is just getting started as Ford look to the future of electric vehicles. By 2035 all Ford vehicles will be 100% all-electric with the aim to be entirely carbon-neutral across Europe.

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