Tyres and Exhausts

Tyres and Exhausts

Tyres for your Vehicle

Busseys have local tyre supply and fitting centres throughout Norfolk. Offering personal service and local knowledge along with an excellent range of tyre brands to suit all pockets and vehicles.

As well as tyres we also offer wheel balancing and tracking.

Pop in and see us if you’re not sure what you want and would like some advice or make an online Tyre Enquiry

Tyre Information

At Busseys we understand the importance of making sure your tyres keep you safe and legal on the road.

A vehicles performance and handling is hugely affected by the tyres fitted, worn or damaged tyres can cause real driving issues including:-

  • Reduced braking efficiency
  • Poor handling
  • Vibration and pulling issues

Remember, no matter what type of car you drive your only contact with the road is through those 4 tyres!

A tyre effectively provides a cushion between the road and your vehicle, and hence a worn tyre can greatly affect the manoeuvrability, for example when trying to park or control the vehicle.

Legal Requirements

From a legal point of view, failure to ensure that your tyres comply with current legislation can leave you open to 3 points on your licence and a fine of up to £2500 – and remember, these penalties apply per tyre, so failure to have your tyres checked could result in 12 points and a fine of £10,000!

The minimum legal limit for tyres in the UK is 1.6mm which has to be present across the central ¾ of the tread around the complete circumference of the tyre. We recommend that all tyres be changed at no less than 2mm to ensure that you remain safe and within the law.

It is very surprising how much your braking distance increases as your tyres become worn, according to MIRA, on a smooth concrete road a tyre worn down to 2.5mm will take nearly 30% longer to stop the vehicle than on a tyre with nearly 7mm on it. This really highlights the need for regular tyre checks.

Not Just Tyres!

Not only are we specialists in tyres, we can also carry out a large range of additional repairs including:

  • Brakes
  • Exhausts
  • Suspension
  • Batteries
  • Wheel Alignment

Tyre Checks

Our Service Centres will be pleased to carry out a “no obligation tyre check” while-you-wait, no appointment necessary – just call in.

Our check includes testing the tyre pressures, inspecting for any damage on the tread or sidewalls, together with a full report on the tread depths.

Should you require any new tyres you can be assured that these are necessary and that our tyre prices are the most competitive on the market!

Of course having had your tyres replaced, ensuring that the vehicle’s tracking or wheel alignment is correctly set up is key to maximising tyre life. At Busseys we can make sure that your wheel alignment is spot on to help those nice new tyres last as long as possible!