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Excellence As Standard

Keeping your fleet on the road and always looking its best is something we take great pride in. So much so in fact, we’ve simplified every step of the fleet management process so you can find exactly what you’re after, ensuring you’re back on the road as quickly as possible.

The Peugeot network has 1000+ fully trained technicians who, via constant training and assessment, know your Peugeot fleet vehicle inside out.

This unrivalled product knowledge when combined with use of the latest Peugeot Diagnostic tooling ensures your fleet remains where it should be – on the road.

Peugeot has a dedicated Fleet Customer Care Team backed up by over 250 Authorised Repairers – all willing to help you.

Fleet customers signed up for the Fleet Service National Pricing (FSNP) scheme also benefit from:

  • Access to the FSNP website which details, via a registration look-up facility with menu prices across Scheduled Servicing Maintenance & Repairs including brakes, clutch kits, water pumps, electrical, timing belts, exhausts and suspension
  • Integrated information with other service platforms such as 1 Link

Contact the Fleet Customer Care Team for more information
Telephone: 0247 688 4831
Email: fleetcare@peugeot.com

Total Transparency Means No Surprises

The Peugeot Fleet Service National Pricing (FSNP) scheme provides a one-stop easy solution for fleet managers to manage their servicing and maintenance costs.

A major development to the scheme is the launch of a FSNP website which details, via a registration look-up facility, menu prices across the following categories:

Scheduled Servicing Maintenance & Repair including:

    • Brakes
    • Clutch Kits
    • Water Pumps
    • Electrical
    • Timing Belts
    • Exhausts
    • Suspension

The site incorporates a national labour rate, standard parts discount structure and fixed oil prices, meaning it can save you time and money by reducing repair authorisation rejection rates.

Also, by using the report function it can help with budgetary control by detailing all the FSNP costings for a specific model.

If you are already registered on the FSNP scheme simply click on the PDF below and follow the easy instructions. If not, why not register today by contacting:

Peter Ireland
Tel: 02476 884203
Peugeot launched their new online Fleet Service National Pricing website in July 2011.