Accident Assistance

In the unfortunate event of an accident in your car- who better to repair it than the vehicle manufacturer themselves?

At Busseys, we have all the trained technicians in place with the latest tools and equipment and of course, the original equipment parts to hand. We’ll make sure your car is repaired to the highest of standards.

This will ensure your full warranty is preserved and the safety standards your car was built to are not compromised. If you have an accident in your car, you have the right to have your car restored at a repairer of your choice.

Call Peugeot Accident Assistance on 0800 92 32 999 and they will recover your vehicle (if it’s not driveable) and take you to an approved Peugeot Accident Repair Centre where your vehicle will be restored back to the standards it was built to.

Accident Not Your Fault?
In the unfortunate event of you having an accident that was not your fault, Peugeot Accident Assistance will get your vehicle recovered from the accident scene (if it’s not driveable) and they’ll manage the claim fully for you. They also arrange a like for like replacement vehicle (which is what you are entitled to) and manage the repairs to make sure your Peugeot is repaired to the highest of standards with the minimum of disruption to your normal routine.

Accident Your Fault?
In the event that the accident is your fault, Peugeot Accident Assistance will ensure your insurance company are informed and will arrange for the vehicle to be recovered from the scene of the accident (if it’s not driveable), and arrange for the repairs to be carried out at the Peugeot Accident Repair Centre closest to you.

You will be provided with a replacement car if available and they’ll arrange for an estimate to be prepared and get it approved so that the repairs can get started without delay.

Terms & Conditions apply.
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What to do in the unfortunate event of an accident…

Should you be unfortunate enough to be involved in an accident in your Peugeot, one call to the Accident Assistance line will ensure your claim and any repairs to your car are all managed for you.

Simply, call Peugeot Accident Assistance on

0800 92 32 999

and provide the advisor with the following information.

• Details of all parties involved in the accident including drivers name, vehicle details and registration number.The other parties insurance   company details and policy number.

• Your car will be delivered to the Peugeot Accident Repair Centre (if it’s not driveable).

Peugeot Accident Assistance will arrange for an estimate to be carried out and get the repairs approved for you.

They’ll also ensure you are kept informed all the way through.