Young Drivers Can Now Get On The Road With Just Add Fuel
Peugeot 108

Many of us grow up dreaming of the moment we can own our first car.

We pass our driving test and just can’t wait to get behind the wheel of a car we can call our own.

But some younger motorists can be put off buying new when you factor in the costs of car insurance too.

Now Peugeot is hoping to help with a brand new scheme which promises to bring cheaper driving to a new generation of younger motorists.

Up until now Just Add Fuel was only available for those aged 21 or over.

But now Peugeot has extended the deal to motorists from the age of 18, and it means you get a Peugeot 108 when your car is fitted with a telematics box.

Extending the package to younger drivers helps make the way to a new car even easier. The 18 year olds can either be the policy holder or a named driver on a parent’s insurance policy, depending on who is the main driver of the car. Another benefit of Just Add Fuel is the opportunity for customers without No Claims Discount to take advantage of Just Add Fuel, on all 108 models.

The scheme also includes three years insurance, warranty, servicing, car tax and roadside assistance.

We’re pretty excited about it here at Busseys and you can find out more by popping into see us at our Peugeot dealership in Hall road in Norwich.

So come and see us – and bring mum and dad, too if you like, and we can see if Just Add Fuel is the right option for you.


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