The Next Generation Ford Ranger

The Next Generation Ford Ranger

Images for the Next Generation Ford Ranger are here and it’s never looked better!

With nods to the American F-150 large pick-up and new Bronco SUV, the Next Generation Ranger is 50mm wider than the older model, has an enhanced radiator grille, and new ‘C-clamp’ daytime running lights.

Round the back, a new tailgate design features the Ranger name stamped into the medal. You will also notice that the sides are more pronounced due to the wheel arches as well as an integrated step on either side of the rear bumper to improve access to the loadbed. For the first time, LED lights will be available at both ends of the pick-up.

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Next Generation Ranger front

Next Generation Ranger Side

Next Generation Ranger Passenger Side Front

Added to the mix is a new 3.0 litre diesel V6 engine and a 2.3 litre four-cylinder petrol engine (sold in some markets). Confirmed, by Ford, is an electrified powertrain, however, further details have yet to be given.

Five and six-speed manual gearboxes will replace the current units as well as a revised 10-speed automatic which will not only be lighter but it will also have tighter ratios to improve the towing capabilities of the Ranger.

Inside the cockpit, you will be met with a fully digital instrument cluster which will allow you to customise what information you get shown at any given time. The display will also change as you change which of the 6 new driving modes you’re in.

Next Gen Ranger Reveal

Next Gen Ranger