SYNC 3 – Make the most out of your day.

Keep your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road with SYNC 3

You may have already heard of Ford SYNC Technology. In 2007 Ford introduced a software to help drivers safely stay in touch and entertained whilst driving. Voice activated, Ford SYNC enables the driver to make phone calls, find nearby events and listen to their favourite music. Ford SYNC Technology has progressed vastly over the years and now Ford have introduced SYNC 3.

The new SYNC 3 system enhances the functionality and convenience of SYNC & SYNC 2 by adding familiar tap and swipe gestures found on smartphones and enhancing voice commands. SYNC 3 also features larger buttons to give the driver swift access to information.

Not only does SYNC 3 offer the above, it is also 10x faster than SYNC 2. High-speed performance is a guarantee when using the new technology.

Connecting your Apple or Android smartphone to the car is just another exciting feature SYNC 3 brings to the table.

Whilst your smartphone is connected SYNC 3 will display the familiar screen of your Smartphone on the 8″ touchscreen. The new technology will allow you to navigate and control your apps using the buttons, dials and touchscreen in your Ford. This can also be done by using simple voice controls. Sending text messages is also a possibility with SYNC 3, this is also done by voice control. Receiving texts has never been easier either, as SYNC 3 will read them aloud to you when they arrive.

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