New Ford Ranger Raptor
Ford Ranger Raptor Front

The Ford Raptor Ranger, arriving summer 2019

“This is no ordinary pick-up. This is a super pick-up”

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Arriving in summer 2019, Ford has released some details about Europe’s first-ever factory-built, off-road performance pick-up truck; the Ranger Raptor! As soon as you see the Ranger Raptor you’ll understand why it’s not just another pick-up truck, the changes continue into the cockpit where the Raptor proves that it isn’t just tough but it’s got brains too. Engineered to dominate every environment, you won’t find anything else like it.


Every detail on the Ranger Raptor has been precision engineered for a tough life. So whether you’re into mountain climbing, river wading or desert driving, the Raptor can handle whatever you throw at it. Built-for-purpose front and rear bumpers are prominent on the vehicle adding a certain dominance to the pick-up. A front skid plate, distinct Ford Ranger Raptor grille and alloy wheels with durable tyres only add to this dominance. You can be assured that wherever you go in the Raptor you’ll be making a bold statement.*



As we said before, the new Ranger Raptor isn’t just tough, it’s smart too. Advanced systems have been designed to help you take on the world when you get comfortable behind the unique leather steering wheel. This includes the powerful, new Terrain Management System allowing you to choose from six different modes with the push of a button. Each mode is provided to optimise performance for a different terrain: Normal mode, Sport mode, Grass, Gravel and Snow mode, Mud and Sand mode, Rock mode and for the best off-roach performance, Baja mode.*



Ford Performance DNA infused with unmatched off-road capability is what you’ll find with the Ford Ranger Raptor. Precision tuned to tackle the toughest terrains is the legendary Fox Pro performance-inspired suspension. This will allow you to soak up big impacts and smooth out the bumps and nuts with ease. A unique ladder frame chassis can be found on the Raptor which has been forged with high-strength low-alloy steel too meet the demands of off-road performance driving. You could say that every feature has been designed to make sure the Raptor delivers the ultimate off-road driving experience. You would be spot on!*

The New Ford Ranger Raptor

*model shown is a Ford Ranger Raptor to Asia Pacific specifications and may not reflect final UK specifications