The key to keeping Ford Transit drivers happy?

The key? Well, to give them a dust proof, waterproof and fall proof ignition key!

Ford have designed an item that most of us use every day, a durable ignition key made to last a lifetime. At present the key has been tested for Transit and custom Transit vans, being put to the test by Ford in a number of different ways. To ensure the key would survive, Ford have submerged it underwater for 30 minutes, dropped it 50 times on a concrete floor and exposed it to temperatures from 60 to minus 20 Celsius! Passing all tests with flying colours, this key is sure to be a hit among Transit drivers.

To the untrained eye the fob looks like a normal ignition key, there’s a keypad to lock the vehicle and a flip-style key blade. However, the fob is permanently sealed shut, with the plastic halves being joined by friction welding. This ensures the key remains completely waterproof. The inside of the key is even more impressive, Ford have carefully designed it to resist your typical workplace impacts and have given the fob a rechargeable battery cell which is then charged every time the key is placed in the ignition.

The key has been tested to withstand the unpredictable British weather by being exposed to all temperatures from desert heat to arctic cold. Further tests have been carried out by Ford including:

  • Dust Resistance – The key was surrounded for five hours by a fine dust.
  • Chemical resistance – Ford exposed the key to diesel, petrol, ethanol, detergents and sweat for 96 hours.
  • Pocket simulation – Four hours of non-stop vibration with coins and other keys.
  • Button Durability – The key was tested with 10 button presses, 12 times the usual force.

It’s safe to say this new design will go down well with Transit drivers everywhere.

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