Fiesta Van Mild Hybrid

Fiesta Van Mild Hybrid

Fiesta Van EcoBoost Mild Hybrid

Combine everything you know and love about the Fiesta Van and combine it with a new EcoBoost Mild Hybrid engine to help make your business more efficient than ever before. The Fiesta Van has a seamless blend of eye-catching design, smart technology, and useful versatility whilst still maintaining a generous rear load space of 0.96 cubic meters†. A mesh bulkhead and four useful tie-down points enable you to transport your cargo securely and safely.

How does a Mild Hybrid engine work?

The Mild Hybrid engine used a small electric motor with a 48-volt battery to improve efficiency. The electric motor provides torque assistance to the petrol engine when needed as well as this, it used regenerative braking technology. This technology charges the mild hybrid’s battery by capturing energy that’s usually lost when you slow down. All of this combined helps increase your fuel economy and reduce emissions.

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Fiesta Van Mild Hybrid front view

Fiesta Van Mild Hybrid Interior

Fiesta Van Mild Hybrid Wheel

Fiesta Van Mild Hybrid Cargo Area

[†]Cargo and load capacity limited by weight and weight distribution
*Gross Payload = Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM) less Kerb Mass. GVM = the total permissible all-up weight of a rigid vehicle i.e. with body, payload, ancillaries, fuel, oil, water, drive and crew. Kerb Mass = the weight of the complete vehicle and all equipment including fuel and water but without payload, driver or any crew. All Kerb Masses quoted are subject to manufacturing tolerances and are for models with minimum equipment unless stated otherwise. Higher specification models will have greater Kerb Masses and therefore lower payloads due to increased standard equipment.