Do you want to find out more about the latest Peugeot cars right here in Norfolk?

For the last five years we have worked closely with Peugeot running our successful Peugeot franchise at Hall Road, in Norwich.

And now we are expanding our dealership network beyond Norwich with exciting plans to open a new site in Dereham.

We’ve been selling cars here in Norfolk for more than 90 years, and while many of you know us as the county’s premier Ford dealership, Peugeot is also an important part of the Busseys’ family of dealerships.

We’ve noticed the demand for another Peugeot dealership in the county, and Dereham was identified as the perfect place to expand to, because it was a convenient and modern facility which you can easily get to.

We’ve been in Dereham at Yaxham Road since 1996 and it has recently become an authorised Peugeot repair centre, and we are  looking to upgrade the site to full Peugeot dealer status in early 2016.


The Busseys Dereham Showroom

It’s an exciting time for us – you may have seen that we have just completed work to transform our Whiffler Road showroom into a flagship FordStore – and if you haven’t why not pop along?

After five years representing Peugeot in Norwich we recognised that consumers in Dereham and the county beyond were in need of a convenient local dealership and our site at Dereham presented the perfect opportunity to provide it.

With an ever more exciting product line up the Peugeot brand is appealing to a wider audience and we are delighted to be able to offer this.