Busseys Back Then: The Swingin' 60s

Busseys Back Then: The Swingin’ 60s
busseys 1960s

Busseys and Sabberton Bros ‘Famous for Efficiency’ booklet, dated sometime in the 1960s.

This week for Busseys Back Then we’re getting stuck into the 1960s!

Often called the Swinging 60s, this decade was famous for change. From its iconic fashion to good old sex, drugs and rock n’ roll, the 60s also saw many ‘revolutions’ for Busseys and Sabberton Bros.

Following a rebuild of the Busseys Palace Street frontage in the late 1950s, the first floor of the branch was later converted into offices in 1960. As business grew and technology advanced throughout the 60s, the ground floor showroom was fitted with a modernised service reception and office area between 1962-1966.

In 1964 a new commercial workshop opened at the north entrance of the Palace Street site, which was later coupled with a rebuilt servicing entrance in 1970.

Busseys 1960s

‘Famous for Efficiency’ booklet showing a map to the Busseys Palace Street site, 1960s

This renovation included more offices and service counters, and the ‘corner shop’ was transformed into a Busseys accessory shop.

But the biggest change by far for Busseys and Sabberton in the 1960s was the acquisition of land at the Whiffler Road Industrial Estate, where the first workshop and showroom opened in 1965.

The Whiffler Road branch went on to supercede Palace Street and is now home to our present day Busseys head office and main Ford dealership.

As the 60s drew to a close, Busseys and Sabberton Bros had branch locations at Palace Street, Thorpe Road, Boundary Road and Whiffler Road.

Below are some photos of Busseys and Norwich city from our 1960s archive, including some very early photos of our Whiffler Road branch!

palace street 1960s

Palace Street during the 1960s


norwich 1960s

Streets of Norwich in the 1960s


busseys edp advert

Busseys advert in the EDP, 1963


busseys whiffler 1960s

And finally, the Busseys branch at Whiffler Road in the 1960s!


busseys whiffler 1960s

Busseys Whiffler Road site frontage, which is now a Ford Store and home to Head Office!


Check back in next week when we groove on into the 1970s!