Busseys Back Then – The Great 80s

The 1980s… Arguably the greatest decade of the 20th Century for music, fashion and technology. But while Pac Man and MTV were just being born, Busseys celebrated the big 6-0!

In the late 1970s, Busseys and Sabberton Bros took on a lease at Whiffler Road for a combined Body and Paint Workshop known as ‘Tower House’. The old paintshop at Quayside was later sold in 1980.

The company also expanded its Palace Street site in the 80s,  purchasing No. 15 and 17 to officially own the entire block bounding Palace Street, Quayside, Pigg Lane and Bedding Lane.

In 1983 Busseys acquired freehold of the Accident and Repair Centre in ‘Tower House’ at Whiffler Road,  and in 1985 we celebrated an incredible 60 years of business!

We’ve dug up some great 80s gems from the Busseys archive, including newspaper excerpts, events and even our retro showrooms!


busseys 60 years

Busseys celebrates 60 years: Article in the EDP, June 1984

busseys history

History of Busseys newspaper article from the 1980s

busseys 60 years

Busseys 60 Years Advertisement, mid-late 80s



busseys buzz

Busseys Buzz Logo in the 1980s













busseys bees

Busseys Bees at a charity event, 1980s

busseys bees

Busseys Bees racing a model Ford car, 1980s





Busseys Staff and Guests at an unknown event in the 1980s

Busseys Staff and Guests at an unknown event





busseys 1980s

Busseys Technicians at an unknown event











busseys sierra palace street

The new Sierra in the Palace Street Showroom

busseys whiffler road

And finally, the Whiffler Road frontage and Buzz signage in the 1980s

That’s it for our 80s era, tune back in next week for the 1990s!