Busseys Back Then: The Bustling 1930s

Busseys Back Then: The Bustling 1930s

Following on from last weeks throwback Thursday we bring you another ‘Busseys Back Then’ and this time we’re in the 1930s!


The 1930s! The era where scientists split the atom, the Loch Ness Monster was first spotted and the Golden Gate Bridge was opened.

It was the decade that brought a lot of change across the world and that didn’t stop at Busseys. During this period there was great expansion of the Palace Street workshop owned by Bussey & Sabberton Bros.

The company saw the construction of new workshops and a covered reception area for customers, a new and radical move for the business. In addition to this Busseys were still selling, servicing and repairing all sorts of vehicles ranging from trucks to tractors!

The start of World War 2 saw Busseys appointed as a Ministry of Supply Workshop. This meant they were entrusted with the repair and overhaul of many army vehicles. This continued throughout the Second World War.

Here at Busseys we’ve dug out some old images of the 1930s from the archives. The gallery looks at not only the Bussey & Sabberton Bros business but also gives an insight to what the city of Norwich was like during the 30s.

Keep an eye out for next weeks Busseys Back Then, where we’ll be exploring the 1940s!