Busseys Back Then – The Mighty 90s

Busseys Back Then – The Mighty 90s

The 90s! The decade of technological growth & some outrageous trends.

The 90’s saw a lot of change around the world, with the use of the internet growing exponentially to the first Harry Potter book being released. It is safe to say the 90s were diverse!

This too didn’t stop at Busseys. In 1991 the Whiffler Road site was expanded to make a purpose built showroom. This development allowed the head office at Palace Street to be moved over to Whiffler Road. To mark the occasion Busseys had an open day for the public to see the new and improved site.


The on-going growth of Busseys and Sabberton Bros didn’t stop there, from 1995-1996 Busseys acquired Main Ford Dealership in the Fakenham area. In 1996 a new dealership was built in Fakenham. In the same year Busseys acquired South Norwich, Dereham and Swaffham Main Ford Dealership territory. This made Busseys the largest & longest established Main Ford Dealership in Norfolk!

The success didn’t stop there for the company, in 1998 Busseys celebrated 75 years as a Main Ford Dealer. This success has continued throughout the years and still remains to the present day.

Take a look at some of the photos we dusted off from our archives, highlighting specific points for the company as well as events held throughout the era.





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