Busseys Back Then – The 1970s

Busseys Back Then – The 1970s

The 1970s, the decade of disco music, afros and some fairly questionable fashion trends!


This week on Busseys Back Then we’re looking past the platform shoes, jumpsuits and tie dye. Instead we’re taking a closer look at the development of the Whiffler Road branch during this era.

The 70s saw vast changes at the newly built Whiffler Road site to make it the state of the art dealership it is known as today. In the late 70s the accident repair centre was moved from its home at Palace Street and located at the new Whiffler Road site.

Although we don’t have many photos of Busseys and Sabberton Bros from the 70’s in our archives we have dug out some old ads and a look at Palace Street in the 70s!


Drop in next week were we’ll be exploring the 1980s!