Busseys Back Then: The 1950s!

Busseys Back Then: The 1950s!

We’ve moved on from the 40s and are delving into the 50s for this weeks Busseys Back Then!



The 50s held promise for many & presented a stark contrast to the 40s. Advances in car technology saw seat belts introduced in 1952, Disneyland was opened to the public and Princess Elizabeth was crowned Queen at 25!

Advances were also  being made at Busseys during this time. In this decade the company saw great expansion over at the Thorpe Road branch, a petrol station and service centre were added. This allowed Busseys to continue growing as a company, this growth would continue into the 60s!

We have dug out some more photos from our archives of the Busseys branch and the city of Norwich..


Check back in next week where we’ll be looking at the swinging sixties!