99 Years and Counting – Busseys History

99 Years and Counting – Busseys History

99 Years of Busseys

We’ve been associated with the Ford Motor Company almost since the first Model ‘T’ Ford rolled off Henry Ford’s production line.  Our business has enjoyed much development and expansion over the years.

Did you know that despite being a business synonymous with cars, our founders were in fact originally grocers and tea merchants who saw an opportunity to create a completely new business following Ford’s transformation of the motor industry?

Now the business is embarking on an exciting new era following the opening of our new FordStore at our Whiffler Road site in Norwich.

The new chapter brings with it a transformation in the car buying experience giving you, our customers, greater control in personalising your vehicle to suit your specific needs.

And as our ambitious plans to open the new FordStore at Whiffler Road got underway, we thought we would open the archives and have a look back at how the business has grown and innovated over the years.

You can watch more in this video where our managing director Paul Bussey reveals how the business was started by his grandfather, Charles Bussey, and great uncle, Alex Bussey.

Bringing us up to the current day, we are so proud to have been chosen to be one of the FordStores in the UK. We are here for the long term, we’ve been here for 99 years – we intend to be here for another 92 years and we’ll do that by looking after our customers, keeping our customers happy and giving them what they need.

The Busseys Timeline

  • 1913

    Charles ‘Reg’ Bussey, the grand-father of the current chairman, first formed an association with Ford Motor Co. Ltd.1918 Alex Bussey, Reg’s brother, joins the company and together they buy out engineering firm Sabberton Brothers.

  • 1922

    The limited company of Bussey & Sabberton Bros Ltd was formed.

  • 1923

    Busseys was appointed as a Main Ford Dealer

  • 1924-1934

    A time of great expansion which saw the development of the Palace Street site including the construction of new workshops and, radically, a covered reception area for customers. The company sold, serviced and repaired all manner of vehicles including cars, trucks and tractors.

  • 1939-1945

    Appointed a Ministry of Supply Workshop entrusted with the repair and overhaul of countless army vehicles throughout the war

  • 1948

    Further development of Palace Street saw the building of a tyre re-treading and distribution factory under the brand name of ‘Tyresoles’.

  • 1958

    Constructed a service centre and petrol filling station on Thorpe Road, Norwich

  • 1960-1964

    Further development at Palace Street adding a showroom and head office complex together with a commercial workshop

  • 1965

    A new state of the art dealership was opened on Whiffler Road, Norwich including a dedicated commercial centre

  • 1966-1979

    As the company continued to grow further developments were added to the Whiffler Road site

  • 1979

    The Accident Repair Centre, previously in Palace Street, moved to a new facility also on Whiffler Road

  • 1991

    New purpose built showroom complex built at Whiffler Road site and Head Office transferred from Palace Street

  • 1995-1996

    Busseys acquire the Main Ford Dealership territory for the Fakenham area and construct a purpose built dealership in the town

  • 1996

    Busseys acquire the South Norwich Main Ford Dealership territory

  • 1996

    Busseys acquire Dereham and Swaffham Main Ford Dealerships and territory making Busseys the largest, as well as the longest established, Main Ford Dealership in Norfolk.

  • 1998

    Busseys celebrate 75 years as a Main Ford Dealer

  • 2000

    Busseys win the European Chairman’s Award for  Outstanding Customer Satisfaction

  • 2005

    Busseys acquire the Attleborough Ford Retail Dealer territory

  • 2007

    Busseys wins the European Chairman’s Award for Excellence in Customer Satisfaction

  • 2010

    Busseys acquires the Peugeot franchise at Hall Road, Norwich

  • 2015

    Busseys Whiffler Road, Norwich branch becomes a FordStore

  • 2016

    A second Peugeot franchise is opened at Busseys Dereham